January 27, 2006

Abbreviation, Keyboard Mapping, and Initialization Files
1. :abbreviate ad advertisement
:abbreviate #b /*********************
:abbreviate #e *********************/
2. :map ( list out all your current keymappings )
:map i{ea}
3. :mkvimrc file ( to write all your settings to a file )
:source file ( to read the file containing your settings )
:version ( to find out which initialization files are read )

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January 26, 2006

1. line number: set number / set nonnumber
2. Scrolling Up and Down: CTRL-U / CTRL-D
3. Changing Case: ~
4. Keyboard Macros:

The q[a-z] command records keystrokes into the register named character.
To finish recoding, just type a q command.
repeat the keystrokes by typing the command @[a-z]

5. Digraphs

To find out what digraphs are available:
To type these letters in Vim, type CTRL-K**

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Vim 相关网络资源

January 25, 2006



The VI Pages – All About VI and its clones

VIM Homepage

The Berkeley Vi Editor Home Page
(NVI homepage)

Vim 中文文档 – Home Page

Vim Tips

January 25, 2006

1. 在 Insert 模式下使用 Ctrl-O 可以临时切换到 Normal 模式下,执行一条命令,然后再自动回到Insert 模式。

2. 'd, d 表示0-9的数字,代表最近打开的文件

3. 得到当前时间: Linux下:r!date, Windows下 :r!date /t

4. 复制全部内容: :% yank

5. file-explorer:

    • :Explore directory, 或:Sexplore directory进入file-explorer
    • : 如当前光标下的是一目录,显示该目录的内容;如是文件,显示该文件
    • i: detail/brief file list switch
    • o: Split window to show file or directory
    • p: Open preview window to preview file or directory
    • Ctrl-w z: Close preview window
    • D: delete file
    • R: rename file

      Andrew Tanenbaum关于计算机科学教学的10大准则

      January 25, 2006


      Andrew TanenbaumSIGCSE的计算机科学教育杰出贡献奖 (Outstanding Constributions of Computer Science Education) 上的发言中提出了计算机科学教育的十大准则:

      1. 目光长远 (Think long-term)
      2. 强调原则,而非事实 (Emphasize principles, not facts)
      3. 准备应对范式的改变(Expect paradigm shifts)
      4. 解释事物内在工作原理(Explain how things work inside)
      5. 向学生展示如何驾驭复杂性(Show students how to master complexity)
      6. 计算机科学不是科学(Computer science is not science), it’s the engineering of abstract objects.
      7. 从系统的角度去思考(Think in terms of systems)
      8. 讲述理论要适度(Keep theory under control)
      9. 忽略大而无当的潮流(Ignore hype)
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      The Next Generation of Wireless LAN Emerges with 802.11n

      January 25, 2006


      工作团队一致投票通过了增强无线联盟(EWC)的建议,EWC是英特尔、Marvell、Atheros和Broadcom等公司领导的行业组织,于2005年成立,目的是加快802.11n Wi-Fi标准的实施。

      The follow whitepaper by a technical marketing engineer in Intel’s Communications Technology Lab introduces Intel’s vision for an IEEE 802.11n implementation that exceeds the IEEE TGn’s expectations, which are roughly quadruple that of 802.11a and g.

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      CHM Encoder

      January 24, 2006

      chm encoder a small freeware that may decompile CHM file and extract all source files.

      Then plucker could be used to convert these htmls to pluckerdb which can be read on my Palm.